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Voyages, Explorations, and Dreams

Vast voyages of the mind

On the deck of HMS Beagle


Like the voyages of music

At the piano of Franz Schubert


Or the Search for a Theory of Everything

Of Einstein, Davies, and others


Or the dreaming of the Ninth Symphony

By Beethoven, deaf, courageous





The glaciers of Tierra del Fuego invite

Sunlight on the ice

Adventure through the retina

The senses absorbing essences


A girl with a lovely laugh

Is at the heart of the mystery:

Life, youth, and beauty -

Happiness in spite of all.


Knowledge is not gained through one means alone

Whether that is talked of as Science or Religion

Or the Intuition that integrates all,

Or Imagination, Emotion, or Greater Reason;


Only in miraculous flash, it seems

(But quickly forget that phrase, before

It becomes cliché) is anything happened,

And this is the opposite of Dogma.





When the hallowed sound of Mozart

Is opened to your soul,

Extraordinary it is to be alive,

Alert to such wonder.

Beautiful burning gods

We can burn and bite

We can eat and even turn,

In pilgrimage of soul


With mandolin or charanga notes,

Fantasy, love, bleeding pain,

Skip a beat of heart blood,

This is of love`s finality




Tim Cloudsley nació Cambridge, Inglaterra. Es sociologo, escritor y poeta. Trabajó como profesor en la Escuela de Idiomas, de la Universidad Industrial de Santander, Bucaramanga en el ámbito de estudios culturales y literatura.

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