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Email: timcloudsley@yahoo.co.uk


Poet, Sociologist, Essayist, and Short Story Writer               


Born in Cambridge, England. Lived and worked in, or spent time in, many countries before coming to live in Glasgow, including the Sudan, Germany, Afghanistan, the United States, Mexico, Italy, Peru, and Greece. Now lives in Bucaramanga Colombia, where he was for some time a professor at the Universidad Industrial de Santander.


Undergraduate at Cambridge University, post-graduate at Durham University.  Currently an Honorarium lecturer in the Sociology of Art and Culture and Environmental Sociology, at Glasgow Caledonian University. Listed in the Scottish Arts Council Writers` Register;  the International Who`s Who In Poetry And Poets` Encyclopedia;  the International Authors and Writers Who`s Who;  the International Directory of Distinguished Leadership (published by the American Biographical Institute); and the World Who Is Who And Does What In Environment & Conservation.



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Cloudsley, Tim, MA; British independent academic researcher and writer, poet, essayist, and short story writer resident in Colombia; formerly lecturer in Sociology at Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, Scotland.

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